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Webinar: How to Originate & Onboard a New ACH Business: Set Up, Risk Assessment, Registry, Audit & Third-Party Senders
Monday, September 10, 2018, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Does your financial institution have a strategy, plan, and process for onboarding a new ACH business? Have you defined your ACH origination and onboarding strategy? Join us to learn how to create an effective, profitable, and sustainable ACH origination onboarding program. This webinar will cover agreements, risk management, security, and audits. From direct deposit to direct debit and cash concentration or disbursements, you need to know where to start and the applicable rules, regulations, and processes. Arm yourself with the knowledge needed, including how to work with the compliance department and management team to create a lucrative program.


  • Risk assessments, creditworthiness, and underwriting explained
  • What terms should be in an originator agreement?
  • What SEC codes should you offer?
  • Types of risk and their impact
  • When should you implement higher-risk mitigations?
  • How well do you know your accountholders and how they will use ACH?
    • SEC code chart
    • ACH retention timeframes
    • Employee training log
    • Quiz you can administer to measure staff learning and a separate answer key


This informative session is directed to operations, cash management, sales, ACH department management, auditing, and compliance staff.

SPEAKER: Jennifer Miller, UMACHA

Jennifer Miller has over 25 years’ banking experience; the last 19 years in software product management, design, and consulting. As UMACHA’s Director of Education, she designs and conducts ACH education and training programs for financial institutions and corporate members. Jennifer is an experienced Cash Management Professional whose specialties include innovative web technology, product management and marketing, business analysis, service quality monitoring, team management, and client relationship building. She holds AAP and PMC certifications, received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Davenport University, and has extensive U.S. Army leadership experience.

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