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Webinar: Auditing E-Policies & Procedures: Risks, Rules & Records
Thursday, September 05, 2019, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Before writing or updating your institution’s electronic policies and procedures (P&Ps), best practices call for implementing a comprehensive e-policy audit of current email, social media, mobile device, web, record retention, and other electronic policies, practices, and programs. An e-policy audit will provide a clear-eyed look at electronic risks, communication, and compliance. It will also focus your attention on the pertinent legal and regulatory risks and rules to ensure compliance with federal/state laws, industry/government guidelines, and organizational rules governing electronic content, use, and records.

An effective e-policy audit will illuminate employees’ use of employer-owned and personal email accounts, social media sites, and mobile devices – during and after business hours. Attend this webinar to learn how to conduct on-target audits and create effective policies and procedures. You’ll be armed with best practices and an expertly designed audit questionnaire to create effective electronic P&Ps.


  • Understanding an e-policy audit
  • Why and how every financial institution should conduct an annual e-policy audit
  • Using comprehensive e-policy audits to minimize legal liabilities, regulatory disasters, privacy violations, record mismanagement, and other electronic risks
  • Differences between policies and procedures
  • Developing insightful audit questionnaires to uncover essential information
  • Auditing employees’ business and personal use, content, and tools – at work and home
  • Uncovering technology challenges and security concerns through audits
  • Using audit results to write effective best-practices-based electronic P&Ps
  • Managing email, web, mobile device, and social media content, use, and records with P&Ps
  • Motivating employees to participate in the audit process
  • Training employees to comply with new, updated policies and procedures
  • Real-life electronic disaster stories
    • Sample e-policy audit questionnaire
    • Social media rules: Guidelines for Creating Effective Social Media Policy
    • Employee training log
    • NEW – Interactive quiz


This informative session will benefit deposit operations personnel, account service representatives, tellers, collectors, compliance staff, privacy officers, auditors, attorneys, and managers.

SPEAKER:  Nancy Flynn, The ePolicy Institute™

A recognized expert on workplace policy, communication, and compliance, Nancy Flynn is the founder and executive director of The ePolicy Institute and Business Writing Institute. She provides training, writing, and consulting services to clients seeking to minimize compliance risks and maximize communication skills.

Nancy is the author of 13 books, including Writing Effective E-Mail, The ePolicy Toolkit, and The Social Media Handbook. An in-demand trainer, she conducts seminars, webinars, and one-on-one coaching for financial institutions, financial services firms, and other clients worldwide. She also serves as an expert witness in litigation related to workplace policies and internet use.