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Webinar: Banking & Lending to Cannabis Businesses: Clarifying the Confusion & Avoiding Pitfalls
Thursday, October 22, 2020, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Does your institution welcome cannabis businesses? Whether you do, or are considering serving cannabis businesses, this jam-packed webinar will address the related risks, regulations, and landmines. It will clarify any remaining confusion about this industry and explain the differences between hemp, marijuana, and CBD businesses. Get the information you need to make an informed decision.


  • Differentiate hemp-related, marijuana-related, and CBD businesses
  • Distinguish FinCEN’s recent guidance for conducting due diligence on hemp-related businesses and FinCEN’s MRB guidance
  • Ask the right questions at account opening to avoid “discovering” a cannabis business after the fact
  • Update your compliance program, including risk assessment, monitoring, and training
  • Navigate lending landmines associated with the illegal nature of the collateral
  • Discuss legislation on the horizon regarding banking marijuana-related businesses
  • Use new tools to establish your initial and ongoing due diligence for these borrowers


Although marijuana remains a Schedule I substance federally, 33 states have legalized either medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, or both. This created an entirely new, booming industry, packed with businesses who need deposit accounts, loans, and other financial products.

Could a cannabis business open an account or borrow from your financial institution? Or does confusion remain regarding the difference between marijuana- and hemp-related laws? Where do you start? What are the risks? What due diligence is required? What about all the cash transactions, CTRs, and SARs? What reporting is expected? This timely session will address these questions, differentiate between marijuana- and hemp-related laws, and map out the landmines. Learn the facts to make an informed decision about whether to serve these businesses.


This informative session will benefit loan officers, branch managers, operations personnel, BSA officers, and compliance officers.


  • Sample policy for banking cannabis-related businesses
  • Hemp/CBD enhanced due diligence worksheet
  • Red flags for marijuana-related businesses
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Dawn Kincaid, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

Dawn Kincaid began her banking career while attending The Ohio State University. She has 19 years’ experience in client service, operations, information technology, administrative and board relations, marketing, and compliance. Most recently Dawn served as the Senior Vice President of Operations for a central-Ohio-based community bank, where she created and refined policies and procedures, conducted self-audits and risk assessments, and organized implementation of new products and services. Dawn has served in the roles of Compliance, BSA/AML, CRA, Privacy, and Security Officer. She has led training initiatives, prepared due diligence information, completed a variety of regulatory applications, coordinated internal and external audits and exams, and presented for numerous state associations.