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Remote Workforce Series Webinar: Creating or Revising Work from Home Policies
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

What’s the right way to manage remote staff? Is your work-from-home policy up-to-date, or do you even have one? The pandemic shows no signs of weakening, so nothing will return to “normal” soon – if it ever does. Forget normalcy; now is the time to consider the policies needed for today’s reality.


  • Satisfy staff needs to work from home
  • Ensure confidentiality of accountholder information
  • Define acceptable behavior for staff working from their homes
  • Explain procedures for checking in on remote staff
  • Uphold cultural standards for at-home workers
  • Keep morale high


For years, staff members have been asking for permission to work from home. Many employers were hesitant to allow this practice because it seemed hard to manage (e.g., productivity would decrease, it’s too difficult to maintain security and privacy, staff will get by with lax standards, and control would be lost.) But along came COVID-19. Many businesses were forced to close to all but essential personnel in order to protect their own and the public’s health and safety.

What now? Will things go back to normal with everyone returning to the office? Probably not. Many people like (or need) to work from home. In addition, many consumers have changed the way they do business with financial institutions, perhaps forever. They’re using all those online or phone services you’ve been touting, and they like it. Plus, productivity is up, and savings on HR and facilities costs are being realized. Yet, valid concerns still exist. This webinar will take you on an HR guru-guided journey through the standards and best practices of managing work-from-home. Learn how to set standards and maintain strict confidentiality and get great ideas for improving staff morale and enhancing your brand.


This informative session is perfect for all HR professionals, managers, and supervisors.


  • Sample work-from-home policy
  • Morale-building ideas for remote staff
  • Enhanced privacy policy language
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Diane Pape Reed, CU Doctor

A nationally-recognized speaker, writer, and communications professional, Diane Pape Reed is President of CU Doctor, a full-service consultancy, assisting financial institutions nationwide with human resources, marketing, community relations, compliance, sales, training, board relations, and executive support. Previously, she was VP of Sales and Administration for a mid-sized financial institution for 10+ years, where she oversaw the HR, marketing, business development, community relations, training, compliance, and sales functions.

In addition, Diane has received numerous awards and has written articles for industry publications. She graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s in Speech Communication. A nationally ranked public speaking coach at George Mason, she serves as a guest lecturer with the University.