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Flood Series Webinar: Flood Insurance Rules, Best Practices & Liability
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Hurricanes and floods have wreaked havoc across the country. Millions of properties have been affected and people are trying to pick up the pieces. Do you have answers? Can you determine what is covered? Are your communications with borrowers compliant? Learn the ins and outs of flood insurance rules before the next deluge.


  • Use the flood insurance rules to determine what is covered and the insurable value
  • Comply with determinations, notifications, and other requirements
  • Deal with privately issued flood insurance policies
  • Ascertain how to bridge the lapse of flood insurance coverage
  • Identify when penalties for noncompliance will be assessed


Do you understand the flood insurance rules and why examiners continue to cite institutions for violations and assess fines? Although these rules have been around a while, they have evolved somewhat. It’s important to understand your duties and obligations and how to maintain compliance. This webinar will review flood insurance rules and regulatory issues, concentrate on current issues involving flood compliance, and provide best practices to keep your portfolio covered.


This session is designed for anyone involved in or responsible for dealing with flood insurance issues for financial institutions.


  • Checklist for compliance
  • Certification and waiver of flood insurance
  • Waiver of flood insurance based on Letter of Map Amendment
  • Waiver and acknowledgement for use of private flood insurance
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Phillip Buffington, Adams and Reese, LLP

Phil Buffington is a partner with Adams and Reese LLP. For over 30 years he has served as a trusted advisor to community, regional, and national financial institutions on a wide range of topics, including regulatory issues, mergers and acquisitions, lending, bankruptcy, litigation, arbitration, and more. Now he focuses on counseling and transactions, including regulatory issues, M&As, securities, and commercial lending. In addition, he brings the experience of a seasoned litigator.