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Remote Workforce Series Webinar: Work from Home Risks: How Compliance Can Limit Liability
Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Get comfy. Remote workforces may be here for a while. Attend this session to learn the challenges, risks, liabilities, and compliance to make your remote workforce program a success!


  • Assess the benefits and pitfalls of employees working remotely
  • Understand legal and compliance issues
  • Implement best practices for remote workers
  • Identify and address liability concerns


This webinar will help financial institutions navigate the world of remote employees. It will identify the challenges, risks, compliance, and liability issues when employees work from home. What are your duties and obligations? How are you ensuring remote employees are maintaining compliance? Learn best practices for allowing employees to work remotely and limit the liability risks and losses that begin with noncompliance. Helpful checklists will provide focus and guidance, plus information for the board.


This session is designed for human resource personnel, executive management, board members, branch managers, and supervisors.


  • Checklist of legal issues involving employees working remotely
  • Checklist to protect confidential accountholder information
  • Checklist of best practices for cyber hygiene
  • Checklist for secure board communication practices
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Phillip Buffington, Adams and Reese, LLP

Phil Buffington is a partner with Adams and Reese LLP. For over 30 years he has served as a trusted advisor to community, regional, and national financial institutions on a wide range of topics, including regulatory issues, mergers and acquisitions, lending, bankruptcy, litigation, arbitration, and more. Now he focuses on counseling and transactions, including regulatory issues, M&As, securities, and commercial lending. In addition, he brings the experience of a seasoned litigator.