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Webinar: Board Reporting: Requirements, Timing, Delivery Options, Risks & Concerns
Thursday, April 08, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

De-stress or distress? Reporting to the board is stressful enough by itself. Now up the ante. Examiners will be reviewing those reports to determine your board’s effectiveness. This detailed webinar unpacks the intricacies of board reporting and provides the timelines, checklists, tools, red flags, and current information needed to engender accuracy, confidence, and calm.


  • Use checklists to track whether corporate documents, policies, and reports are appropriately reviewed by the board
  • Review compliance exception reports
  • Define BSA responsibilities, including policy and risk assessment approval, training requirements, and reviewing audit/exam findings
  • Explain key information from lending reports, including tracking concentrations, stress testing, and LTV standards
  • Identify identity theft red flags


When examiners review your risk management program, they will evaluate the overall effectiveness of management and the board. Specifically, they will look at:

  • Board and senior management oversight
  • Policies, procedures, and limits
  • Risk monitoring and management information systems
  • Internal controls

Examiners use board and subcommittee reports and minutes to ensure: 1) management effectively communicates with the board, and 2) the board has ample oversight over risk management, compliance, operations, and financials. Therefore, clear, concise, complete reports are critical to the board’s decision-making. In this valuable webinar, you’ll learn which reports should be in board packages, how the reports should be utilized, and how to recognize red flags in board reports.


This informative session is designed for directors, compliance officers, risk managers, senior management, board secretaries, and auditors.


  • Sample policy and procedure approval schedule
  • Sample board report schedule
  • Sample risk assessments
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Dawn Kincaid, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

Dawn Kincaid began her banking career while attending The Ohio State University. She has 19 years’ experience in client service, operations, information technology, administrative and board relations, marketing, and compliance. Most recently Dawn served as the Senior Vice President of Operations for a central-Ohio-based community bank, where she created and refined policies and procedures, conducted self-audits and risk assessments, and organized implementation of new products and services. Dawn has served in the roles of Compliance, BSA/AML, CRA, Privacy, and Security Officer. She has led training initiatives, prepared due diligence information, completed a variety of regulatory applications, coordinated internal and external audits and exams, and presented for numerous state associations.