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Webinar: Dealing with Difficult Members: 5 Foolproof Techniques
Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Ever see a human thundercloud? Is it walking toward you? Learn to meet such a challenge professionally, confidently, and successfully. Real-world situations will be used to demonstrate how to manage difficult members.


  • Develop effective listening strategies
  • Enhance communication through empathy
  • Appreciate the difference between an objection and an excuse
  • Analyze common anger triggers
  • Deploy de-escalation techniques
  • Assess needs and formulate solutions


Dealing with difficult people is an unfortunate byproduct of the financial services industry. From the teller line, to the call center, to collections, dealing with borrowers who are confused, angry, and looking for somebody to blame is a daily occurrence. In the financial industry, the member is almost always right – even if they aren’t. Frontline staff need to develop a thick skin and a solutions-oriented toolkit to work through these challenging interactions – and remember that the member is not always expressing frustration with the institution. Their ire is most often tied to external events or other triggers. Unfortunately, we live in an age where a single negative interaction could multiply through social media and internet reviews to become a real danger to your reputation. At the end of the day, we have to find a way to meet their needs with as little emotional trauma as possible.

Fortunately, there are methods that focus on a positive outcome and work through most situations. Anger is a natural emotion and one which is almost universally experienced. Rather than return anger for anger or lose a good member, why not try to build a better interaction? Join financial industry veteran and former collections attorney, David Reed, as he walks through real-life scenarios and effective techniques to manage angry members and achieve transactional success.


The information in this session is designed for executives, managers, HR staff, trainers, branch staff, collections staff, call center personnel, IT help desk staff, and anyone involved in member service.


  • Sample de-escalation scenarios and scripts
  • Model training exercises for managers and staff
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  David Reed, Reed & Jolly, PLLC

Attorney, author, consultant, and nationally-recognized speaker, David Reed is a partner in the law firm of Reed & Jolly, PLLC. He provides guidance to financial institutions on establishment and revision of policies and procedures, organizational compliance, collections, security, contractual agreements, regulatory matters, and corporate governance. His engaging speaking style has made him a nationwide lecturer on regulatory compliance, consumer lending, bankruptcy, and collections.

A former trial attorney and vice president and general counsel of a large regional financial institution, David is also a Certified Fraud Examiner. He is particularly known as an expert in the areas of operations, bankruptcy, and collections. He has trained state and federal examination staff on numerous issues, including BSA, ID theft red flags, SAFE Act, third-party contract management, and bankruptcy.