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Webinar: Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes
Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Learn the most common IRA rollover and transfer mistakes in this easy-to-understand session. Do you know your responsibilities versus the IRA owner’s responsibilities? This webinar will explain how rollover rules differ depending on whether the distribution originated from an IRA versus an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Current information, interpretations, and best practices will be detailed.


  • Recognize when the once-every-12-months rollover rule does not apply
  • Identify the most common mistakes made when handling employer-plan-to-IRA rollovers
  • Properly use important terminology, such as rollovers vs. direct rollovers vs. transfers
  • Understand how to avoid costly mistakes when handling inherited (beneficiary) rollovers and transfers
  • Identify your responsibilities versus best practices
  • Explain the exceptions to the 60-day rollover rule
  • Handle in-kind distribution rollovers (distributions of securities and other non-cash assets)


This session will provide the detailed information and reference tools you need to confidently provide IRA owners and beneficiaries with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding IRA-to-IRA rollovers, employer-plan-to-IRA rollovers, and IRA-to-IRA transfers. Staff who have operational, compliance, or IRA owner interaction will gain valuable insight into the nuances of properly handling and explaining IRA rollovers and transfers. In addition, managers and individuals who hold insurance or securities licenses will gain a thorough understanding of the many rules and their responsibilities. You will also learn the most common pitfalls to avoid when discussing and handling IRA rollovers and transfers.


This information-packed webinar will benefit operations, frontline, compliance, managerial, and other staff that deal with IRAs.


  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Frank LaLoggia, LaLoggia Consulting, Inc

Frank LaLoggia is the President of LaLoggia Consulting, Inc., Rochester, New York, a pension consulting firm that assists financial organizations with ongoing support in the creation, development, and marketing of their retirement plans offerings.

Frank coordinates and conducts retirement plan seminars and training programs throughout the United States, including in-house IRA, HSA and employer retirement plan training sessions. With over 39 years’ experience in employee benefits, he has assisted many leading financial organizations in the pension and financial services industries. Frank has achieved the designation of Deferred Compensation Specialist through Northeastern University's Center for Continuing Education and The National Retirement Plans Training Conference.