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Webinar: Opening & Managing Share Certificates
Monday, November 15, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Don’t miss this chance to learn all about time deposits and tips for making your processes more efficient and fluid. Now is the time to find out if your procedures are obsolete or on the mark!


  • Define what is and what is not a share certificate or time deposit
  • Understand Reg D limitations on these accounts
  • Follow Truth In Savings requirements for subsequent notices
  • Let go of obsolete procedures in losses of certificates


Today’s share certificates are really time deposits. Many institutions still manage these accounts with a great deal of paper and obsolete practices. Is it time to change? Since these accounts are nonnegotiable instruments today, what can you do to reduce paper and make the process more fluid? What are the current rules and regulations and what is outdated? Learn the ins and outs of opening and managing these accounts with this informative webinar.


This timely program will benefit deposit compliance staff, deposit operations personnel, marketing staff, the frontline, and all branch staff, including new accounts, administration, and branch managers.


  • New account handbook
  • Employee training quiz
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Deborah Crawford, Gettechnical Inc.

Deborah Crawford is the President of Gettechnical Inc., a Baton Rouge-based firm, specializing in the education of financial institutions across the nation. Her 30+ years of experience began at Hibernia National Bank in New Orleans. She graduated from Louisiana State University with both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Debbie specializes in the education of financial institution employees and officers in the areas of deposit account laws, new account documentation, insurance, complex compliance regulations, and IRAs.