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Webinar: A Cookie Diet: Privacy, Restricted Data Access & Building Online Visibility Beyond 2022
Thursday, January 13, 2022, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Are cookies disappearing? Tracking online audiences via cookies is an IT staple of most promotional marketing strategies. What if that changed? Learn what’s happening and what’s next in the evolving world of consumer targeting and tracking strategies.


  • Appreciate the history of activity tracking using cookies and other methods across various digital channels
  • Understand how key data tracking areas are changing (for better or worse)
  • Implement alternative strategies to track digital campaign success, even without cookies
  • Develop an appropriate notification process and policy to clearly communicate your tracking practices
  • Revisit your content strategy to identify opportunities to further your organic impact and reduce reliance on paid promotional efforts


With privacy becoming increasingly more important across browsers and mobile devices, the ability to “cookie” and track audiences is becoming more of a struggle. This presents a challenge to any online promotional efforts – yet creates an opportunity for creative content creation, building thought leadership on your website, and supporting an “inbound” marketing strategy to pull people to you. This session will address the status of tracking and data collection and identify key strategies to building attractive organic content that will make your credit union a place where someone wants to do business.


This informative session is designed for compliance personnel, senior management, leadership, and marketing, retail, and sales staff.


  • Resource guide with several popular cookie tracking tools/services to enhance website compliance efforts
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz  

SPEAKER:  Eric Cook, WSI Digital Marketing

During a successful 15-year banking career, Eric Cook was the driving force behind many of his bank’s strategic technology initiatives. In 1995, he took his community bank online, making them one of the first “hometown” banks in the nation with a website. When Eric left banking in 2007, he was regional president for a Michigan-based, publicly traded community bank.

Today, Eric owns his own digital marketing agency, focused on helping banking-industry clients connect and engage with their customers online. A three-time contributing author to the best-selling book Digital Minds, he also serves as faculty at several banking schools around the country where he teaches financial industry professionals how to engage and build relationships online with today’s digital consumer. Eric combines hands-on experience with state-of-the-art digital marketing solutions to help clients achieve success online. He’s a national, sought-after speaker on social technology, digital strategy, and online business trends.