Our Spring 2021 Lineup is Here!

2021 Events

Frontline Compliance Certificate Program

Webinar Series

If you’re a frontline employee, this series is for you! In just seven webinars, we’ll cover all the key regulations that impact your daily work. Frontline Compliance Specialist certification provided upon completion.


New York Credit Union Virtual Advocacy Tour Kickoff

February 22, 2021
Virtual Conference

Join us as we hear key state-level legislative updates and connect virtually with some of the most influential policymakers in state government. 


CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference

March 2-4, 2021
Virtual Conference

With 2021 shaping up to be the most consequential advocacy year in a generation, we have too much to fight for to sit this one out. Every year CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) brings together thousands of credit union advocates to launch the credit union advocacy agenda.


Lending School

April 7, 2021
Virtual Conference

Our virtual 2021 Lending School will deliver the expert insights and hands-on training you need to take your lending program to a whole new level! 


Basic Accounting Workshop

April 28, 2021
Virtual Conference

This workshop will help attendees develop a fundamental understanding of accounting techniques, methods and standards. 


Collections & Bankruptcy Conference

May 11, 2021
Virtual Conference

Whether you want to build your knowledge about bankruptcy, collections or both, this is the conference for you!



Webinar Lineup


Watch for more information on these events in the months ahead!