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Webinar - ACH Specialist Series: ACH Stop Payments vs. Unauthorized Extended Returns: Know the Difference
Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

ACH payments are usually automated. Therefore, when manual intervention is needed, it often leads to confusion! ACH items can be returned as Stop Payment or Unauthorized. However, determining the correct Return Reason Code and whether the accountholder must complete a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit or ACH Stop Payment form can be a challenge. This webinar will explore Stop Payment and Unauthorized Return Reason Codes and provide an easy formula to determine which code and form are correct.


  • What the ACH Rules and Regulation E say about stop payments and unauthorized debits
  • Determining when to return an ACH item as R08 – Stop Payment or as R10 – Unauthorized Debit
  • Differences in handling consumer and corporate accountholder stop payments and disputes
  • Review recommended stop payment form and requirements of a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit form
  • Dispute scenarios – determining the correct course of action
  • What to do when neither an unauthorized or stop payment return is accepted through the ACH Network, especially when it is outside of ACH timeframes
    • Employee training log
    • NEW: Interactive Quiz to measure staff learning


This informative session would best suit ACH professionals, frontline staff, audit/compliance staff, ACH operations personnel, and AAP candidates.


Jen Kirk is the VP of Industry Relations, for EPCOR. She has been with EPCOR since 2002, and has presented at several national conferences on subjects such as ACH risk, ACH enforcement, ACH relationships, government ACH payments, and preparing for the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) exam. Jen has served as a member of the National ACH Association (NACHA) Rules and Operations Committee, Member Rules Review Panel, Electronic Check Council, and was co-chair of the National ACH Forum Education Committee. Jen obtained her AAP in 2003, and received an MBA from Ohio University in 2008.