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Webinar: New Security Officer Training: Responsibilities, Best Practices & Skill-Building Tools
Thursday, August 08, 2019, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Section 748 of NCUA’s Rules and Regulations and Letter to Credit Unions #02-CU-12 specify credit unions’ security responsibilities. This program will explain the framework of what your security program should contain. The implementing regulations are very specific, while allowing leeway for risk management decision-making. This webinar will include best practices and demonstrate how to comply by using photos. You will learn how to prepare and implement your security program for today’s world.

If you have been the security officer for less than three years or have been newly assigned, this is the webinar for you. It is designed for individuals with little or no previous security training. However, if you have been the security officer for many years, this is a great refresher on the requirements. If your credit union hasn’t established the position of security officer and you perform the duties of Section 748 concerning robberies, burglaries, and larcenies, this is one program you don’t want to miss! You will learn about the regulations and industry-standard practices including:

  • How often staff should be trained on security
  • How new equipment like cash recyclers change training strategies
  • The training back office staff should receive (it is different from the frontline)
  • How frequently the security officer should receive specialized training, like active shooter
  • Where to obtain training for special security problems like internal fraud


  • Requirements under Section 748 NCUA Rules and NCUA Letter to Credit Unions #02-CU-12
  • The four Ls of security – lighting, landscaping, locations, and locks
  • Records the security officers should keep
  • Items to include/exclude in your written security program
    • ATM review checklist
    • Night inspection form to help implement your physical security inspections
    • Proper Employee Conduct During and After a Robbery form for training
    • Risk Management Basics: Before, During & After the Robbery
    • Risk Management Basics: Robbery Styles
    • Risk Management Basics: Physical Risk Assessments, Thinking Like the Robber
    • Sample incident report
    • Employee training log
    • NEW – Interactive quiz


This informative session is directed to security officers, risk management professionals, internal auditors, compliance officers, and anyone who needs to understand the security function.

SPEAKER:  Barry Thompson, Thompson Consulting Group, LLC

Barry Thompson is an international speaker, trainer, consultant, and writer. He is a security and compliance “guru” for a leading national training organization and regularly presents security conferences for trade groups.

Barry is recognized worldwide, presenting in Brussels, Belgium to European bankers on internal fraud; at the United Nations on identity theft; and to Japanese bankers on bank security. Barry has worked in the financial services industry for over three decades, and has held the positions of security officer, compliance officer, treasurer, senior vice president, and executive vice president. He has handled over 900 security cases and has been involved with investigations and prosecutions at the federal, state, and local levels. Barry is the author of “101 Security Tips for the Beginning Security Officer.”