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Webinar: HR Compliance: Lessons Learned from Massive HR Failures
Thursday, July 09, 2020, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

HR issues are constantly evolving. From compensation to COVID-19, this webinar will dissect the most incredible HR failures of the year. Learn how to avoid HR landmines and know when to call counsel.


  • Identify potential landmines in HR communications
  • Understand when to call counsel and when to handle issues in-house
  • Explain the importance of HR compliance to managers
  • Know when and how to document training
  • Distinguish between employee and management issues


Every day, someone somewhere commits an HR violation, and the repercussions can be massive. Before you are confronted with these issues, learn from some of the most incredible HR failures of the year. From serious harassment, to improper classifications, to wayward compensation, to mishandling COVID-19 situations, you’ll learn how to avoid HR pitfalls.

How do you communicate the “issue”? Do you need to call counsel? Who needs to know? This informative session will address these questions and dissect five recent HR failures that resulted in huge fines and process changes. This webinar will unearth “learning moments” gleaned from HR mistakes for this informative session geared toward human resources professionals and managers at every level.


This informative session will benefit human resources professionals at every level, as well as senior management and C-suite executives.


  • Sample anti-harassment policy
  • Sample work-at-home policy
  • Checklist for determining when to call counsel
  • Sample termination communication
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Diane Pape Reed, CU Doctor

A nationally-recognized speaker, writer, and communications professional, Diane Pape Reed is President of CU Doctor, a full-service consultancy, assisting financial institutions nationwide with human resources, marketing, community relations, compliance, sales, training, board relations, and executive support. Previously, she was VP of Sales and Administration for a mid-sized financial institution for 10+ years, where she oversaw the HR, marketing, business development, community relations, training, compliance, and sales functions.

In addition, Diane has received numerous awards and has written articles for industry publications. She graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s in Speech Communication. A nationally ranked public speaking coach at George Mason, she serves as a guest lecturer with the University.