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Webinar: Regulation E Myth Busters
Monday, July 20, 2020, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Do you have questions about Reg E? What about preconceived notions? Resolve any murky uncertainty with this myth-busting program. Get clarity about Reg E dispute resolution, error definition, reporting timeframes, common misconceptions, and more.


  • Determine what is and isn’t an error under Regulation E
  • Understand your error resolution responsibilities
  • Identify required reporting timeframes for both financial institutions and consumers
  • Correct common misconceptions
  • Answer some of the frequently asked Regulation E questions


This session will define and explain the types of transactions covered by Reg E and the error resolution requirements. In addition to defining an error under the regulation, this program will cover the timing requirements for investigation and resolution of unauthorized transactions. Time will be spent busting common Regulation E myths and answering the most common dispute questions. Join us to ensure your financial institution is appropriately handling Regulation E to increase accountholder satisfaction, decrease examination findings, and minimize loss for your financial institution.


This informative session is appropriate for ACH operations personnel, compliance staff, frontline employees, and debit card operations staff.


  • Regulation E error resolution tracking log
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Michele Barlow, PAR/WACHA

Michele Barlow is the Vice President at PAR/WACHA (The Premier Payments Resource), headquartered in Wisconsin. Before joining the WACHA team in 2009, Michele spent several years as a corporate trainer in the financial industry. She is responsible for development and execution of association training and certification programs, conference planning, and member service. Michele is a past member of NACHA’s Blue Ribbon Panel and currently serves on the APRP Oversight Panel, and the Payments Institute Board of Regents. She is active on other national committees, and a frequent speaker at industry events. She obtained her AAP certification in 2010, her NCP in 2011, and became an NCP Certified Trainer in 2012. Michele holds a bachelor’s from the University of Wisconsin.