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Webinar: Boards Behaving Badly: Handling Unruly Directors
Thursday, July 23, 2020, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Have your board meetings ever gone sideways because of an unruly director? Wish you knew what to say or do? Learn how all board members can help keep meetings on track in a nonconfrontational, positive way by employing good governance practices.


  • Employ good governance practices and tools to:
    • Have difficult conversations
    • Hold directors accountable
    • Create an innovative and dynamic board culture
    • Maximize teamwork and rapport
    • Prevent distractions and rambling board meetings


Do you have distracting or unruly directors? Talking too much? (The most reported bad behavior.) Negative body language? Texting during meetings? Lack of preparation? Bad behavior comes in many forms. Learn how to manage unruly directors and keep your board meetings on track to ensure peak strategic value. Make this the mission of every director, not just the board chair.

Effective board management is the lynchpin of high performing boards. Good governance, rooted in written policy with clear parameters, creates expectations and a culture of performance where the entire board buys in. This minimizes distracting behaviors because the written policy governance format gives the chair, and other directors, permission and authority to address out-of-line actions in a nonconfrontational way that remains positive. Find out how to use governance tools to improve your culture and enhance trust through policy and board calibration procedures.


This informative session is designed for board chairs, directors, committee members, supervisory committee members, volunteers, CEOs, and senior executives.


  • The TEAM Resources PDF, The Little Book of CU Board Best Practices
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Kevin Smith, TEAM Resources

Kevin Smith is a publisher and a consultant with TEAM Resources, where he oversees the board self-evaluation programs and facilitates strategic planning with credit unions and nonprofits. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing professional development resources to grow leaders within the credit union industry.

For 10 years, Kevin was Director of Volunteer Education at CUNA where he developed and oversaw conference and training events, webinars, print programs, and online courses. During his tenure at CUNA, he created several new programs, including the Volunteer Certification Program, an intensive, competency-based program for boards and supervisory committees.