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Webinar: Leading a Remote Workforce
Monday, November 23, 2020, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

If you have staff working remotely, how would you describe your leadership style with them? Effective? Somewhat functional? Herding cats? This webinar will teach you how to turn a challenge into an opportunity by providing specific leadership practices for dealing with remote staff.


  • Identify five ways a remote workforce affects productivity and morale
  • Advance your leadership knowledge in managing remote staff
  • Employ specific techniques for engaging and motivating staff who work remotely
  • Turn a challenge into an opportunity
  • Commit to personal action and leadership growth


The business world has been thrown into disorder. No longer can staff stroll into the branch ready to interact, meet with accountholders, and take care of business. A different working model emerged: working remotely. This seismic change produced an important question, “How do we successfully lead a remote workforce?”

This webinar will explore the effects of this transition on employees, accountholders, and you as a leader in the banking industry. Then it will take a deep dive into specific leadership practices to effectively lead your remote teams, and conclude with a commitment to make positive changes to strengthen your leadership.


This informative session is designed for managers and leaders at all levels who have staff working remotely, either full- or part-time.


  • PowerPoint presentation handout with knowledge-building tips and specific leadership techniques for engaging and motivating remote staff
  • Presenter’s article regarding how to lead a remote workforce successfully
  • Results from polling questions that reveal your peers’ thoughts and challenges
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Larry Prince, PrinceLeadership™

Larry is CEO of PrinceLeadership™ and an experienced speaker. He engages audiences through interactive talks, workshops, and webinars – and gets people to think differently about how they lead and achieve business success in the face of uncertainty. With over 30 years of business management experience, Larry is an acknowledged expert and trusted advisor in leadership effectiveness, change management, strategic and business planning, employee engagement, and executive coaching.