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Webinar: Opening Multi-Tiered Business Accounts
Monday, December 13, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Onions. The more you peel, the more layers there are. That’s how multi-tiered business accounts can be. This webinar will take a trip through a wide variety of scenarios to explain what is needed to open these accounts, how they should be structured, and how to run CIP on complex relationships.


  • Walk through the scenarios before you receive Letters Testamentary
  • Run CIP on complex business relationships
  • Understand and complete beneficial ownership
  • Track the authority requirements for multi-tiers on business accounts
  • Have a systematic approach to all business accounts


This fast-paced program on multi-tiered business accounts will address the following scenarios:

  • A trust as the owner of a sole proprietorship
  • Sole proprietorships with multiple DBAs
  • Corporations and LLCs with DBAs
  • LLCs whose members are businesses and trusts
  • Partnerships whose partners are businesses

It will also cover other scenarios to teach you how to build a methodology for approaching complex relationships that have multiple tiers – and perhaps in multiple states.


This thorough webinar will benefit deposit compliance and operations staff, BSA personnel, loan officers, branch managers, new accounts staff, trainers, and anyone who opens business accounts.


  • New account handbook
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Deborah Crawford, Gettechnical Inc.

Deborah Crawford is the President of Gettechnical Inc., a Baton Rouge-based firm, specializing in the education of financial institutions across the nation. Her 30+ years of experience began at Hibernia National Bank in New Orleans. She graduated from Louisiana State University with both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Debbie specializes in the education of financial institution employees and officers in the areas of deposit account laws, new account documentation, insurance, complex compliance regulations, and IRAs.