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Webinar: Head Teller Development: Improving Teller Performance
Wednesday, January 05, 2022, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

The head teller is one of the most important supervisors in your financial institution! A skilled head teller means greater productivity and greater profit. This session will teach head tellers how to bring out the best in their team and themselves – increasing professionalism, productivity, and the bottom line!


  • Benefit from positive, constructive feedback
  • Identify basic principles of managing and motivating people
  • Recognize the important components of onboarding a new employee
  • Understand the hierarchy of learning and training categories
  • Analyze the effectiveness of communications
  • Conduct effective staff meetings
  • Implement organizational skills to improve your team’s performance
  • Develop “cheat sheets” to help your staff


Premier head tellers constantly seek ways to improve their team and themselves – which ultimately creates positive accountholder experiences! While internal controls and new account goals are critical, so is creating a work environment where tellers are empowered, efficient, and working as a team to obtain optimal results. This webinar will teach head tellers how to empower their staff, conduct efficient staff meetings, and further develop personal coaching skills to strengthen the teller team. Developing a strong team starts with a successful new employee onboarding experience and continues with regular staff development.

Participants will receive learning-engagement tools to enable better communication. Two surveys designed for team leaders to learn more about their team and corporate culture will be provided, along with tips for welcoming a new team member. A unique performance evaluation will be included to help both head tellers and team members enhance their banking skillset. This must-attend session will encompass communication methods, developing creative learning experiences, teamwork, organizational skills, management principles, and performance feedback.


This informative session is designed for head tellers; however, other staff will benefit from the concepts essential to developing individual employees into a robust team.


  • Sample performance evaluation
  • Sample surveys to identify specific staff and institution needs
  • Checklist for new employee onboarding
  • Websites with useful financial industry information
  • Sample procedure format
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER:  Molly Stull, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

Molly Stull began her career as a teller while working on her undergraduate degree and has continued working in the financial industry ever since. She has experienced the growth of a hometown bank, branch mergers, charter changes, name changes, etc. Molly has activated business resumption plans, performed secondary market quality control reviews, processed wires, filed SARs, and coordinated reviews with external auditors and examiners. Her favorite role has always been educating staff and strongly believes that if staff understands the reason for a process they will be more compelled to follow the procedures. Molly holds a bachelor’s from the University of Akron and an MBA from Ashland University.