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Webinar: New Resources for Fighting Synthetic Identity Fraud
Tuesday, February 01, 2022, 03:00pm - 04:30pm

Synthetic Identity Fraud sounds like the title of a B-rated science fiction movie. Unfortunately, it’s all too real and a fast-growing crime with wide ranging implications and a myriad of victims. Can you spot it – and more importantly, can you mitigate it?


  • Define synthetic identity fraud
  • Distinguish “traditional” identity theft from synthetic identity theft for policies and procedures
  • Understand the red flags that may indicate potential synthetic identities
  • Use provided tools and resources to mitigate fraud
  • Provide best-practice educational materials to accountholders


Synthetic identity fraud is one of the fastest-growing financial crimes in America. Synthetic identities can be used to obtain a fraudulent loan or credit card or open a deposit account with debit card and mobile access. And because the information used to create these identities doesn’t stem from just one source, they are that much more difficult to detect. This can lead to significant losses for your accountholders and financial institution.

This session will weed through the differing definitions of synthetic identity fraud and use the industry-recommended meaning that was recently released. It will review examples of this rising financial fraud and provide red flags to add to your current identity theft prevention program. Resources will be provided to assist in mitigating risk, including tools to use at account opening to enhance your due diligence and identity verification process.


This informative session is designed for identity theft prevention officers, compliance officers, BSA/AML officers, and branch managers.


  • New account due diligence form
  • Identity theft red flag alert form
  • Identity theft risk assessment updated for synthetic identity fraud
  • PDF copy of the slides
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz

SPEAKER: Dawn Kincaid, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

Dawn Kincaid began her banking career while attending The Ohio State University. She has 20 years’ experience in client service, operations, information technology, administrative and board relations, marketing, and compliance. Most recently Dawn served as the Senior Vice President of Operations for a central-Ohio-based community bank, where she created and refined policies and procedures, conducted self-audits and risk assessments, and organized implementation of new products and services. Dawn has served in the roles of Compliance, BSA/AML, CRA, Privacy, and Security Officer. She has led training initiatives, prepared due diligence information, completed a variety of regulatory applications, coordinated internal and external audits and exams, and presented for numerous state associations.