DixonTopic: The Credit Union of the Twenty-First Century
Speaker: Brent Dixon, Featured Speaker







PeterPlattTopic: Driving Membership with Digital Marketing
 Peter Platt, President, Accountable Digital, LLC
Your web site and mobile app are your two busiest branches. Using the right mix of online ads, social media and search enhances your positioning in the community and helps build interest among your most important audiences in your market. In this session participants will look at consumer trends related to banking, and several case studies of digital marketing campaigns that not only drove awareness, but actually drove member acquisition and loan volume.





BobBouvierTopic: Prepare for the Unthinkable: Employee Safety & Active Shooter Incidents
Speaker: Bob Bouvier, risk management consultant in Business Protection Risk Management, CUNA Mutual Group
Tragic events in our communities involving workplace safety and physical security are forcing organizations of all types to prepare for unthinkable situations. The reality is that it can happen anywhere – on or near schools, campuses, military bases, and even at your credit union branches.  Unfortunate and traumatic events related to robberies and active shooter incidents are unpredictable and evolve quickly. This session will share important components related to credit union and staff preparation, planning and training. In addition, discussion regarding internal controls, technologies and action steps to consider will be introduced.





DeanChoudhriTopic:  Cybersecurity: Don’t Be Scared; Be Prepared!
Speaker: Dean Choudhri, CISSP, CISM, CRISC Assistant Vice President, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, Alloya Corporate FCU
With cyberattacks and data breaches occurring at record rates, cybersecurity is of increasing concern for both businesses and consumers alike. However, despite rising fears of cyberthreats, few are taking the necessary steps to adequately protect data and prepare for potential attacks. Don’t be scared; be prepared! Knowledge is key to protecting your credit union and members. During this session, participants will cover some key findings from recent cybersecurity investigations including the most common methods fraudsters are using to gain access to our systems and data, and what you can do to decrease the likelihood of a successful cyberattack against your credit union and members. We’ll also discuss the importance of looking ahead to how new technologies will affect the cybersecurity landscape.



TobiasTimmTopic:  The 4 Common Investment Practice Mistakes which can keep you and your Members from the Benefits of an Outperforming Investment Portfolio – And Actions You Can Take Now
Speaker: Tobias E. Timm, CIMA® Director – Investments,Oppenheimer Credit Union Investment Strategy Group
During this session, attendees will learn about the four common investment practice mistakes that can keep you and your members from the benefits of an outperforming investment portfolio. This session will also explore actions you can take now to fix these mistakes.







ScottBlakesleeTopic: How to Get Started with CECL
Speaker: Scott Blakeslee, Product Director, Visible Equity, LLC
During this session, key concepts of CECL will be introduced and provide attendees with an overview of how to prepare for and plan a successful CECL implementation. This session will also cover the latest regulatory updates and news about CECL and various topics on CECL implementation, including how to ready your data, how to properly segment your portfolio, how to assess CECL methodologies, and how to assess CECL's impact.






JeffCardoneTopic: Do you want to buy a bank?
Speaker: Jeffrey M. Cardone, Esq., Luse Gorman, PC
This session will focus on how the acquisition of banks by credit unions has become more common. This session discusses the factors that drive these transactions, how a bank acquisition is structured, including the regulatory approval process and considerations when assessing whether an acquisition of a bank should be a part of a credit union’s strategic plan.






AdamEngelmanTopic:  Your Role In Credit Union Advocacy
Speaker: Adam Engelman, Director of Federal Grassroots and Programs, CUNA & Affiliates
This session will review the programs and resources CUNA and the New York Credit Union Association have to help you develop relationships with your state and federal lawmakers. Engelmann will discuss a variety of techniques and programs that currently exist to help you enhance your role in credit union advocacy and attendees will get to practice telling their credit union story.