The cost to participate in the REAL Solutions Enhanced FiCEP Program is $416 per person for paper books or for electronic PDFs.  A minimum of 10 students is required to run the New York program. The New York Credit Union Foundation and the New York Credit Union Association are subsidizing the REAL Solutions costs, so participants will only have to pay for materials (books and exams). 

There is also an option for two people to share a set of paper books. In this instance, it would cost the single participant price, plus an additional $50 to cover the cost of the exam for the second student. Electronic PDFs cannot be shared.

2021 Pricing:

Cost Per Participant  Cost Per Additional Student (Sharing Books) 
 $416 *  $50

*Plus shipping and handling.*

A complimentary copy of the FiCEP exam is included with the initial purchase.

Additional FiCEP Exams and Retake Exams for the original certification are $50/each.

Students who share books will pay $50 per student (the cost of the exam). Sharing is allowed on a 2 users to 1 purchase ratio only.

The New York Credit Union Foundation also offers grants that may be used towards participant costs.

2021 Pricing for Recertification:

Cost Per Participant 

The FiCEP Recertification Exam is included with the purchase of the Recertification Module. Recertification Exams are NOT sold separately.

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