Understanding and interpreting your credit union's financial condition may well be management's most important duty. Key monthly reports along with the annual budget provide a road map to achieving your financial goals and targets. Below are tools to assist you in this important area.

Budget assistance
The Credit Union Association of New York's Member Relations department can assist in developing a one-year operational budget including balance sheet, operating expenses and variance reports. Contact us for consultative assistance.

PCA Checkup - CUNA's Prompt Corrective Action checkup tool is available at a modest price. Follow the "PCA Tool" link for a product overview and ordering information. You can also view a sample report by clicking on the "Sample Report Link."
1. PCA Tool 
2. pdf Sample report (202 KB)  

Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union provides wholesale investment, credit, payment and correspondent services to over 1,000 credit unions.

Strategic Partners - By partnering with a select group of industry providers, we tap into the cooperative spirit—and benefits—that make our movement so strong. Each of the following strategic partners combines quality offerings with a deep knowledge of the credit union industry, enabling you to serve your members and achieve your mission.

Preferred Providers - Click to see our participating vendors with working knowledge, technical expertise and operational understanding of credit unions to assist you in your endeavor.