Every credit union offers its members great products, services and rates, but if you aren't continually marketing to your members, your competition is. It's time to "step up" your marketing and set your credit union apart from the rest!

Below are marketing tools that include solutions to common marketing objectives, a guide to marketing components, a marketing calendar full of ideas, a campaign planner and a marketing checklist.

1. pdf Marketing – What is it? (176 KB)  

2. pdf Marketing calendar (43 KB)  

3. pdf Marketing checklist (17 KB)  

4. pdf Marketing plan (212 KB)  

5. pdf Marketing campaign planner (152 KB)  

6. pdf Marketing components (41 KB)  

7. pdf Copywriting tips (29 KB)  

document Model speech (28 KB)  for credit union annual meeting. Be prepared to address your membership on important and timely credit union topics.

Strategic Partners - By partnering with a select group of industry providers, we tap into the cooperative spirit—and benefits—that make our movement so strong. Each of the following strategic partners combines quality offerings with a deep knowledge of the credit union industry, enabling you to serve your members and achieve your mission.

Preferred Providers - Our participating vendors offer working knowledge, technical expertise and operational understanding of credit unions to assist you in your endeavor.