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SimplyCredit’s mission is to simplify and enhance credit access for Main Street America and help credit unions combat online disruption. We do it with sophisticated analytics that rival methods used by the largest financial institutions and a modern web and mobile experience that consumers love. With services that can be launched within weeks of contract execution, we accelerate loan and membership growth. Our tools and processes include:

  • State-of-the-art pre-screen marketing and risk management analytics
  • An online platform that enables end-to-end loan fulfillment and membership enrollment
  • Account automation tools that give members the ability to transfer high-cost credit card balances and make payments to our lending partners
  • One-stop marketing campaign support

Webinar: Grow Credit Card Balances without Offering Zero-APR Subsidies
For every dollar credit unions hold in credit card balances, members have nearly $19 with outside issuers. That’s largely because entrenched competitors spend tens of billions of dollars a year in rewards programs that consumers love. The secret to competing for share-of-wallet is to offer a solution that lets members enjoy their favorite rewards, but to move the balances to the credit union at a lower rate on an ongoing dynamic basis.

SimplyCredit’s newest offering does just that. With its no-cost plug-in to your home and mobile banking platform, members are informed of potential savings and control the transfer of high-cost balances to cards you’ve issued. Since the functionality is embedded in your home banking system, the automation is always available and members act without zero-APR incentives. Learn about this exciting new solution with our webinar.

Investment: Benefit of Membership
Run Time: 31 minutes ▪ Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

Webinar: SimplyCredit
Investment: Benefit of Membership
Run time: 48 minutes ▪ Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

SimplyCredit Webinar

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