Members apply for three scholarships with one application!

Thanks to the New York Credit Union Association's College Scholarship Program, your credit union can help make the dream of higher education a reality for young members!  With just one application, college-bound members are able to easily apply for up to three scholarships:

  1. The Association's Statewide College Scholarship Program;
  2. Your credit union's scholarship (if you choose to offer one); and
  3. Your Chapter scholarship (based on chapter participation).

The College Scholarship Program is a simple, cost-effective way to build lasting relationships with young credit union members.  Here's how to participate:

  1. Register for the Association's College Scholarship Program.
  2. Choose your participation level. 
    1. Participate in our Statewide College Scholarship program, allow us to administer your own scholarship, or choose both!
    2. If your local Chapter offers a scholarship, applicants will automatically be considered for that scholarship as well!
  3. Promote the program to your members.

The Association will handle the rest.  We'll also provide you with marketing graphics and other materials to help you promote the program.  Use the links below to get started!

  1. Are you a coordinator for the Scholarship Program? Click here!
  2. Are you a Chapter leader interested in offering a Chapter scholarship? Click here!
  3. Want to learn how the Association can assist with administering your credit union's own scholarship? Click here! 

2020 Statewide College Scholarship Winners

Thanks to 73 credit unions and eight chapters, the New York Credit Union Association is awarding $30,000 in college scholarships to 48 bright, hardworking young credit union members.  The scholarships range from $250 to $1,750.  The recipients were the top scorers among the over 1,000 applications submitted by credit unions across the state.  Students were scored on their academic performance, extracurricular activities, honors, community service, leadership and writing.

 Samantha Barbera - Teachers FCU  Sabina Kalata - Polish & Slavic FCU  Mateusz Pienkowski - Polish & Slavic FCU  Alexandra Szmacinski - Polish & Slavic FCU 
 Urszula Bednarski - Polish & Slavic FCU  Danielle Klem - ServU FCU  Gabriela Pigan - Polish & Slavic FCU  Skylar Ulrich - Bethpage FCU
 Julia Beutel - Niagara Regional FCU  Jennifer Klix - Empower FCU  Natalia Potrapeluk - Polish & Slavic FCU  Alexa Vargas - Teachers FCU
 Annabella Bogart - Lockport Schools FCU  Julia Lemanski - Polish & Slavic FCU  Alicia Prainito - Nassau Financial FCU  Natalie Walsh - Teachers FCU
 David Ciesla - Polish & Slavic FCU  Emmy Li - Olean Area FCU  Dominick Rosiak - Polish & Slavic FCU  Anya Wansha - Ukrainian FCU
 Miles Compani - SEFCU  Honorata Lubecka - Polish & Slavic FCU  Alec Schrader - Inner Lakes FCU  Victoria Wilenska - Polish & Slavic FCU
 Caitlyn Cyrek - Sisters Hospital EFCU  Matthew Lyon - Sidney FCU  Devin Scotch - SEFCU  Christina Yakaboski - Teachers FCU
 Marcin Czaplinski - Polish & Slavic FCU  Amber McComb - Teachers FCU  Dylan Scriven - Greater Chautauqua FCU  Skylar Yerdon - Empower FCU
 Jessica Dawson - The Summit FCU  Jessemia Meekins - SEFCU  Supriya Sharma - Hudson Valley CU  Kelsey Young - Sidney FCU
 Theodore DeGuzman - Hudson Valley CU  Alli Miller - Sidney FCU  Madga Slowakiewicz - Polish & Slavic FCU  
 Adrian D'Souza - Hudson Valley CU  Sarah Multer - Bethpage FCU  Madison Smith - Olean Area FCU  
 Molly FitzGibbons - Oswego County FCU  Anthony Orlando - Bethpage FCU  Gregory Sofield - Bethpage FCU  
 Hailey Goudy - Syracuse Fire Department EFCU  Annalea Passeggiata - Bethpage FCU  Jeri Stiklickas - Bethpage FCU