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Important dates:
  1. Nov. 26, 2021: Deadline to register and submit payment for the 2022 program
  2. Jan. 7, 2022: Deadline for students to submit applications 
  3. Late April - Early May 2022: Your credit union will receive notification regarding 2022 winners and awards.

 Marketing Materials:

  1. pdf Scholarship application (781 KB)
  2. document Memo to applicants (15 KB)
  3. Promotional poster (PDF format, 22x28)
  4. Promotional poster (PDF format, 11x17)
  5. Promotional flyer (print-quality PDF format)
  6. image Scholarship logo (high-resolution) (904 KB)
  7. image Web banner (870x300) (90 KB)
  8. image Web button (31 KB)
  9. document Sample newsletter article (15 KB)
  10. document Sample news release (12 KB)
  11. document Sample letter to Schools (13 KB)
  12. document Sample letter to sponsor groups/SEGs (13 KB)
  13. document Credit Union Coordinator best practices (57 KB)

New for 2022! Your credit union coordinator(s) will have access to view all of your applicants' submissions online.  

Credit Union Coordinator Best Practices:

  1. Assign one or more staff members to be the contact for the scholarship program. These individuals should be able to answer questions regarding the program and give out the credit union verification code to verify their eligibility for the program. Please be sure that branch staff is aware of the process for the program.
    If your contact person has any questions, he/she should contact Heather D’Arcy at or (800) 342-9835, ext. 8127. Please discourage applicants from calling the Association directly.
  2. Make the scholarship application available on your website. It is a fillable form that the students will need to save. Feel free to brand it for your credit union.
  3. Customize the “memo to applicants” (available on the Association website). The memo provides basic instructions and reminds applicants to submit the scholarship application online by January 7, 2022. You may want to include the program coordinator’s contact information right on the application and the memo to the applicant.
  4. In order to verify eligibility, students will need to obtain a credit union verification code from you (to be provided by the Association). This is where you will confirm that they are a member in good standing. It is a required field, so the student will not be able to submit their application without it.
  5. Do not pre-print your credit union’s verification code on your applications, memo or website! This code is only to be given out after the applicant's membership/account standing is verified by you or someone within your credit union. You will not receive a copy of the students’ applications when they are submitted. So, this will be your only chance to verify their eligibility.
  6. It is up to you whether you would like for the students to go directly through the program coordinator or if any member of the staff will be able to assist them. If it is the latter, please be sure that the staff is aware of the process and please provide them with your verification code.
  7. New for 2022: The designated coordinator from each credit union will be made a “judge” for the program. This will give your credit union the ability to view your applicants’ submissions. You will be provided with a url to access your credit union’s applications. 
  8. Use the customizable resources (available on the Association website) to promote the program in your branches, online and in your community. Resources include: web graphics, posters, flyers, a sample news release for local media, a sample newsletter article, a sample letter to schools and a sample letter to sponsor groups/SEGs. If your credit union/chapter awarded scholarships last year, share the highlights in any articles/news releases.
    Provide area schools, community partners and SEGs with copies of the poster, flyer and other materials to promote the program.
    Announce and promote the program on social media (if applicable), encouraging potential applicants to contact your credit union or visit your designated website URL for details.
  9. The students will now submit their application right through the Association’s website: There is no login required. 
  10. New for 2022: Each participating credit union will have its own link for students to submit their applications through.  The students will need to select their credit union from the list on the applicant page and fill out the information from there.  If the student is applying through more than one credit union, they will need to complete the process for each individual credit union. 
    • Applicants will need to submit three separate files (PDF or Word Document).
      • Scholarship Application
      • High School Transcript 
      • Essay
  11. The message “Nomination successfully saved” will appear when the application has been successfully submitted.
  12. If a student is unable to submit their application online, have them bring their completed application and supporting documents to the credit union. You can scan the documents and submit the submission on their behalf.
  13. Remove all program materials/information from your branches, website, etc., promptly after the January 7 application deadline.
  14. Once the submission deadline has passed, please review all of the applicants from your credit union to make sure that they are members in good-standing and are eligible to apply.
  15. For credit unions with branches in multiple chapters, chapter scores are sent to the chapter leadership based on the credit union’s headquarters, not based on the student’s location.

Program Registration:

Click here to participate in the New York Credit Union Association's 2022 Statewide College Scholarship Program.  
**Please be sure that the registrant is the program coordinator.**

Scholarship Program Pricing:

 Asset Size  Statewide Program Credit Union Program
 Less Than $20 Million  $100 $50
 $20-$50 Million $200 $100
$50-$100 Million $300 $150
$100 Million-$1 Billion $400 $200
More Than $1 Billion $400 $250

Watch for notification in Late April - Early May regarding our 2022 winners!

Offer your own scholarships!
If your credit union or chapter would like to offer your own scholarship(s) as well, we'll provide you with a list of your credit union's top 10 applicants for a nominal fee.  Click here for additional details on the Credit Union program.

If you would like to receive more than your top 10 scores, you can make that request when sending your credit union's/chapter's completed applications to the Association. The cost for additional scores is $3.00 per score, which will be billed upon receipt of the request.

Need assistance? Simply contact Heather D'Arcy at or call (800) 342-9835, ext. 8127.