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If you currently offer or would like to offer your own credit union scholarship, here is how the Association's Statewide Scholarship Program can help.

By participating in the Credit Union Program:

  1. Your members will now be eligible for up to three scholarships by filling out one application.
  2. Feel free to brand the program as your own with your credit union's logo to avoid confusion with your members.
  3. Your credit union will be responsible for marketing the program to your members.  The Association will provide the marketing materials for you.
  4. The Association will take care of grading all of the applications.
  5. Your credit union will receive your top ten scores, in order for you to select your winner(s).  If you would like to receive more than your top 10 scores, you can make that request when sending your credit union's/chapter's completed applications to the Association. The cost for additional scores is $3.00 per score, which will be billed upon receipt of the request.
  6. Once all applications have been graded within the state, we will notify you of any New York Credit Union Association Statewide Scholarship winners.
  7. Your credit union will also be notified of any chapter level winners by the chapter leadership (based on chapter participation).

Click here to participate in the New York Credit Union Association's 2022 Statewide College Scholarship Program.