Through the Young Professionals Commission, we're helping New York credit unions engage, connect and empower the next generation of credit union leaders.

The Commission is a group of talented young professionals and volunteers (age 39 and younger) from across the state who develop and implement initiatives specifically for their peers. By supporting their efforts, we've created one of the most dynamic, enthusiastic communities of young credit union professionals in the nation.

Commission Initiatives

Young professionals and volunteers are encouraged to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Local Meet-ups: These free, local gatherings are open to all credit union employees/volunteers age 39 and younger. Agendas feature valuable networking, industry presentations and service projects/fundraisers. Meet-ups are held before or after work and are posted on the Association's event calendar and in The New York Minute.
  • Email Network: By completing the YP Network membership form, young professionals/volunteers can receive and share email updates about networking, education and outreach opportunities.
  • Website & Facebook Community: The Commission maintains a Facebook community to share information and promote engagement among their peers.

Commission Membership & Support

The Commission was created by the Association in 2010 and is sustained by funding through the New York Credit Union Foundation. Commission members are appointed annually.

The New York Credit Union Association's Young Professionals Commission is charged with developing strategies and practices that will assist the Association and credit unions in recruiting young adults as employees and volunteers and advancing them into positions of leadership within the New York credit union community.

Membership Criteria
Individuals age 39 and younger who are employed by, or volunteer at, a New York Credit Union Association member credit union may be nominated to serve on the Commission. Members may serve a maximum of two consecutive two-year terms. Members who reach the age of 40 before the end of their terms will end their service as of the June following their birthday.

Nomination Process
The Association accepts Commission member nominations annually. Nominations must be submitted by the candidate's credit union, and each credit union may have only one active Commission member at a time. By nominating a credit union employee or volunteer to serve on the Commission, the credit union agrees to provide the nominee with the tools and resources (monetary and time) needed to fulfill Commission duties as outlined in the member job description. 

Member Responsibilities

  • Members will act to help ensure the sustainability and growth of the credit union movement in New York State.
  • Members should have a strong interest in or be currently engaged in credit union advocacy, outreach, education or volunteerism beyond their current job requirements.
  • Members will participate in conference calls and attend in-person meetings, including those held at state GAC and Convention, as well as applicable Chapter events.
  • Members will commit to actively participate on at least one Commission project, including: meet-ups, the newsletter, the website and any new programs or projects that may arise.
  • Members will support and participate in fulfilling the annual goals and strategic focus of the Commission, which will be decided annually.

  document YPC Charge and Guidelines (172 KB)

For more information, please contact Kendra Rubin at or (800) 342-9835, ext. 8134.