Quinte Financial Technologies is a global fraud & risk mitigation FinTech solution provider helping financial institutions, including credit unions, through secure infrastructure and a combination of services and business processes. Utilizing anomaly detection via predictive analytic models, algorithms and data-driven decision optimization, Quinte Financial Technologies provides a competitive advantage and higher ROI for credit unions with enhanced member engagement.

For over a decade, Quinte Financial Technologies has been true to its mission to safeguard financial institutions and help credit unions win the battle against fraud. Quinte Financial Technologies believes in augmenting and making it easier for the credit unions by not disrupting their existing system and processes, but instead adding a layer of tailor-made FinTech solutions thereby enhancing member security.

Quinte Financial Technologies works with multiple financial institutions of various asset sizes that brings diversity in our approach for serving multiple size credit unions. With our innovative and smarter fraud prevention solution, a New York based credit union saved $8.6 Million and protected their 308,000 members in 2018 alone. Quinte Financial Technologies has been also serving regional Credit Union Service Organizations, with diverse asset sizes ranging from $7 million to over $350 million and operating across the country.

Quinte Financial Technologies services feature a scalable approach in which infrastructure and system can be expanded to handle the requirement with minimal disruption to existing resources. We take pride in serving Fortune 10 banks, CUSOs and credit unions of all sizes.

We leverage data analytics and on-demand metrics to create and improve the algorithms for efficient rule engine to maximize fraud detection opportunities and minimize member disruption. Using predictive analytics techniques and dynamic rule management, Quinte Financial Technologies ensures detection in real-time.

As we move to a more digital and automated 2020 and beyond, Quinte Financial Technologies envisages to keep on providing future-proof models layered with rapidly evolving robotics, AI and machine learning, securing your members with data-driven, strategic and tactical decisions.

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