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What happens in Washington has a very real impact on our credit unions, our employees and our members. That's what makes CULAC, our Credit Union Legislative Action Council, so important. CULAC enables us to pool funds with our peers across the country and make significant political contributions to the federal candidates and leaders who support credit unions.


Permission Agreement
In order to contribute to CULAC and receive information about fundraising opportunities, your credit union must provide the Association with a signed permission agreement form. The form is not a commitment to contribute; nor does it grant us access to solicit credit union staff and/or members directly.


Permission Agreement Form


Payroll Deduction Program
When it comes to political action, every dollar given makes a powerful difference. Imagine the impact we could make if every New York credit union employee gave just $1 to CULAC from each of their paychecks! By offering CULAC's payroll deduction program to your employees, you can help make this a reality.


Offering payroll deduction is a quick, easy process. To learn more, please use the link below.


Payroll Deduction Information

Questions about CULAC fundraising? Please contact Chris Pajak at christopher.pajak@nycua.org or (800) 342-9835, ext. 8188.