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College Scholarship Program Applicants


Important Dates:

Jan. 5, 2024: Deadline for students to submit applications
Late April - Early May 2024: Your credit union will receive notification regarding 2024 winners and awards.


Submission Instructions:

1. The applicant must save and complete the 2024 Scholarship ApplicationPlease download and save the application before you complete the form.  Please be sure to save the application once again after you have completed it.


2. Obtain a Credit Union Verification Code from your credit union to verify eligibility.

  • Applicants must be in good standing with their credit union
  • Applicants will be attending a 2-4 year accredited educational institution
  • Trade and Vocational Schools will also be eligible


3. The applicant and their parent or guardian must complete the Certification and Release Authorization on the last page of the application.


4. Please save the following as three separate files (PDFs or Word Documents):

  • Scholarship Application
  • High School Transcript
  • Essay

5. Select your credit union below to submit your application:



**Please note: If you are submitting an application through more than one credit union, you will need to complete the process for each individual credit union.**

  • You must complete all of the required information and upload all of the required documents BEFORE clicking save.  Once you click save, you will not be able to go back and add or edit your submission.
  • Please fill out your name and email address for both the Nominee and Nominated By sections. 
  • Please disregard the Reasons for Nomination section.

Do not upload a link!  You must upload your documents as pdf, word documents or jpgs. Google docs will not be accepted.

Please save your documents as follows:

  • Last Name, First Name Application
  • Last Name, First Name Transcript
  • Last Name, First Name Essay

6. When your application has been successfully submitted, you will see the message "Nomination successfully saved."

If you have any trouble submitting your application, please contact Taetum Crooker via email at Taetum.Crooker@nycua.org or by phone at  (800) 342-9835 ext. 8292.